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 About Us



We know at a personal level the support our families need. Therefore, we focus on providing best quality therapy that fits your child. How we do that?  By training and supporting not only our staff but our caregivers. We are passionate and committed to what we do striving to help your child achieving the highest level of independency to live a successful life. Our highly trained team of behavior assistants, certified behavior technicians, assistant and lead behavior analysts will guide you to do so.  

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To offer our clients quality services with a high standard of commitment and delivery. With a passioned goal to reach your child's highest potential we will create tailored, effective interventions to teach the child  respond to  environmental changes improving your child’s quality of life, ensuring  meaningful, observable and generalized socially significant behavior change 

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Autism Therapy

What we do?


We Provide

  • High-quality standards

  • Intensive training and supervision

  • Consistent service delivery

  • Ongoing team communication

  • Integrity and professionalism

  • Latest evidence-based practices

  • In-home, community and center-based 

Our Approach

  • Personalized care and guidance

  • Focused on socially significant behavior change

  • Scientific data-driven analysis and evaluation

  • Individualized skill set

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration


What to Expect

  • Committed and passionate care 

  • Acquisition of skillset for language and communication

  • Leisure and social-emotional skills

  • Living and vocational skills

  • Self-management skills

  • Tailored decision-making to your child's needs 

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